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2016-17 House Makeover

We are adding a new addition to the side of this house

We are getting ready to add an additionThe basement is dug and the foundation is going inThe basement is poured Aaron is securing the stairway wallsFloor joists are going onThe floor is finished and walls are being laid outReady for raftersTaking a break from shoveling the snow out, againRafters are on and zip system is going onAll we have to do is tape and roll the seams Now we can build the last wallReady for doors, windows, and siding Windows are in and siding is going onWe also replaced the roof and siding Walls are insulated and the shiplap has arrivedCovered porch at the front doorready for roof boardsthe roof tied in nicelyWe are putting shiplap on the interior wallsThe interior walls are almost finishedWe build a stone fireplace

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