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New Bathroom

This Job started with just replacing the shower and turned into a whole bathroom remodel.

This is the old showerThis is the old showerWhere the old shower seat sat. (It leaked)Tile off the walls, ready to remove cement boardWe also replaced the floor.We also replaced the floor.This is the new floor for the showerDan is finishing installing the 2nd soap dishUsing a new underlayment called Schulter-SystemDan Jr. working on putting the cement board onThis is the curb we put in to keep the water inThe Tile is startedAaron, removing the old tile one piece at a timeWe are also replacing the vanity tops and mirrorsDan is trying to get the tile just rightThe bathroom is empty and ready for the floorThe under layment is almost finishedAaron is working on the tub deckDan is working on the finishing touchesDan is starting the FloorThe floor is looking greatThe shower is finishedThe shower is finishedThe shower is finishedThe shower is finishedDan Jr's project - preparing the floorAaron is almost finished with the tub deckThe floor is finished

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